woensdag 11 juli 2018

We will ALL agree with each other when we're DEAD

Kathy Henderson
Of course I don't like the fact that Renee is under the influence of several wrong teachings and fallacies, but Renee is as important as OTHERS are making her, don't you think?
To me ONLY JESUS is important and His Apostle Paul.
Paul is the 'Moses of the Body of Christ' on behalf of JESUS.
I don't think Renee has another Jesus, but she still has a lot to learn and I pray that our Savior JESUS Christ will show her what she needs to change.
I'm a former (Dutch) atheist with almost no Christian-religious background and I'm SURE we will ALL agree with each other when we're DEAD and/or at the moment of the RAPTURE.
In heaven and on the New earth all the saved (ex) sinners will say 'JESUS is The LORD!' in HAPPINESS.
And in the lake of fire/the second death  all the condemned will also say 'JESUS is The LORD' in SORROW.

The Cross is Not Enough



 Annoy Satan and click on this link...




Renee believes in The INSANITY called ANNIHILATIONISM




Some people are SCREAMING to be chastised by God...


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