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God's Footstool is the FLAT EARTH - Globe Earthers want to be acceptable to the Vatican controlled society

Original sketch...
If you're a person with a BROWN skin, just imagine God has a brown skin too...

  1. mic dhen
    Flat earthers know that Saturn is only a relatively small wandering star in the firmament
    , just like the other planets.


    mic dhen
    mic dhen
    16 minutes ago
    Flat Earthers think Saturn has Onion Rings!🤓
    (Wrong again!)😠
    (only french fries)😜
  2. mic dhen
    I give you all that I own if you can show me just ONE undoctored picture of earth as a BALL from 'space'.

    God-the Lord JESUS created the earth round and flat, with a firmament.
    Outside the firmamant/dome/vault is water, just as the Bible says.


    mic dhen
    mic dhen
    26 minutes ago
    Hans S Of course..That's why they put Rings around it.To keep it from wandering off!
    Hey, a question: Is there water in the firmament/dome, and/or above the firmament/dome, or is it all only on the earth?
  3. mic dhen, it's clear you're mocking the God-made flat earth truth and I've never done that in public when I was still a deluded globe earther, though I thought that flat earthers are insane.
    They're not insane and all flat earthers are former globe earthers and they will never go back to that stupid globe earth lie concocted by satan and the Vatican.
    So you don't want my MONEY?
    Concerning this topic you reason exactly like the ATHEISTS I confronted after I had become a flat earth truther.
    Try to convince JESUS Christ that the earth He made is a BALL, okay?


    mic dhen
    mic dhen
    27 minutes ago
    Hans S Thx, but I've already got too much stuff I've got to unload. Want to downsize. Rapture ready...can't take it with us anyways. But thx.

    Also, I have no pictures of Earth from space. I've never been that far out. (Okay, some might debate that.) Let me re-phrase that.
    Barring some weird 'adventures' long ago that I don't recommend to others, and am grateful Jesus forgave, rescued, and delivered me from, (many times shame on me), I've never been that far out.
    Especially not with a camera. So, no pics.

    So anyway... If there IS water in and/or above the firmament/dome/vault, is the water curved or flat?
  4. Renee, I was a globe/ball earther most of my life and when I was 56, on October 1, 2016, I became a globe earther and I was already saved forever by JESUS's Grace through faith alone in His atoning BLOOD.
    You fight for the gospel and me too and I also fight for the truth, because JESUS is the truth.
    He showed me the truth about the true shape of the earth and He had already convinced me in 2013 that the earth doesn't spin and that it's the center of His creation and NOT the sun.
    You assert the Bible easily supports the globe earth and heliocentrism and I know people who got convinced that the earth is flat by reading that same Bible.
    So now the question is: is there a 'globe earth Jesus' and a 'flat earth Jesus' and do they disagree?
    I know someone who got saved from suicide after he first discovered the flat earth truth.
    According to you he first believed in a lie in his desperation and from there he got saved...or is he still going to burn forever in hell?
    I give you all my money if you can show me just one undoctered picture of the earth as a BALL from 'space'.
    I'm sure you can't because such pictures don't exist: No Photographs of Earth!
    Is it possible to believe in the gospel of grace and still be deceived?
    I was deceived when I believed in the globe earth nonsense when I was already saved.


    Renee Roland
    6 minutes ago
    mic dhen im a ball easily supports it. But ppl.can think its flat...i fight for the gospel
  5. mic dhen
    Your sense of humor will be tested when you realize WHY satan concocted the GLOBE EARTH LIE!

    You really did your best to try to impress me by using your OWN language to a Dutchman, or shall I now continue in Dutch to show my sense of humor?
    Dat kan ik uiteraard doen, maar dat doe ik niet: Of course I can do that but I don't.
    Thanks for your long reply, which shows you have pondered about it.
    James is only 10 years old and he's already been brainwashed by the globe earth lie, which also happened to me (and BILLIONS of others) when I was a child through the 'educational' (mind control) system.
    Here's a man with a great sense of humor who attacks the globe earth bull crap through his songs:
    Many people just don't WANT TO know that this world is ruled by satan through the Vatican and the JESUITS, and for example the Jesuits concocted the 'Big Bang' LIE, with devastating consequences: The Bloody History of ATHEISM, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, SATANISM
    Atheism=satanism cannot thrive WITHOUT the globe earth lie! ��
    The globe earth lie is pure SATANISM!
    But I have 'no sense of humor'......
    I'm so GLAD that JESUS and NOT anybody else showed me the flat earth truth, even though it's not about eternal salvation.
    So to me you're trying to tell me that JESUS is NUTS. ������
    I can't use those funny smileys so I steal them from you. ��
    You know why satan=adversary is so successful?
    Because it's so EASY to DECEIVE people!
    If he can make them believe the earth is a BALL, he can control them and they don't even know it.
    So many believers in JESUS believe in the TRUTH=JESUS while at the same time they're preaching and teaching lies, and most of them aren't even aware.
    Try to convince this ATHEIST that the earth is a BALL: The ATHEIST Flat Earther
    Don't worry GLOBEHEADS: Satan is on your side!
    JESUS is not dead and the earth is flat
    Satan loves NASA!

    Are you still laughing?
    JESUS and I satan and his STUPID BALL earth LIE!
    Hans S
    Hans S
    1 second ago
    mic dhen
    To answer your question: I believe that outside the flat earth system there's WATER as far as the eye can see and it's neither curved nor flat and I believe we live in a HUGE 'submarine' which is moving 'upward' so that we get that sense of 'gravity'.
    This system is also God's FOOTSTOOL:

    Matthew 5:34-36 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all, neither by heaven, for it is the throne of God:

    35 Nor yet by the earth, for it is his FOOTSTOOL: neither by Jerusalem: for it is the city of the great King.

    36 Neither shalt thou swear by thine head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.
  6. JESUS isn't resting His holy feet on a FAST SPINNING BALL! ������
    Hans S
    Hans S
    1 second ago
    Flat Earth on Dutch T.V


    mic dhen
    2 minutes ago
    Hans S Wrong again, Flatso. Look, Hans, I don't want to fight w you, brother. I didn't then and I don't now. I'm a saved believer in Jesus, you claim to be, too. Great! That makes us bros in HIS grace and HIS decision, not anything WE did, so keep that in mind, ok?

    I made a joke for my friends, Renee and JimJim. That10yr old lad is smart enough to know the Earth is round. He has also had intelligent conversations AND good-natured ribbing with FEers, as have I. Sadly, there only seems to be a few ppl that are FEers that can also kid around, and not get all snotty about it when someone thinks they're nuts. It's called having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously.

    One is a very sweet sister and intelligent Bible believer, she's a saved believer in Jesus, believes in pre-trib rapture (properly, imo) and has a heart for the truth. She supports Renee's osas, grace alone, biblically true position. She's one of our many beautiful sisters in Christ, her initials are VS. She also believes in the FlatEarth theory, so she's a nutso!

    Another one has a very thought provoking channel, hosts some very intersting livestreams, and ALSO believes in Jesus and the truth of salvation by grace thru faith in Jesus Christ alone, so is a brother in Christ. He happens to be post-trib (I think), and is a FEer as well, so he's a DOUBLE nutso. ����His initials are MV. You might know him.

    Now, JimJim loves science and math and kidding around, too. So when he made a joke about Onion Rings, I thought of the Rings of Saturn. (Space humor has been in the news lately) So I made a joke about Flat Earthers believing Saturn had Onion Rings. (Then I said, no, only french fries ��������)

    That's when you chimed in with your humorless spiel on why you think the Earth is flat, and that everyone must believe it like you or they're anti-Bible. ��
    A little more sarcasm from me...a little more 'high-and-mighty' from thing you know you're challenging Renee Roland to prove her Holy Spirit is hipper than yours is! ��

    Oh well. More of the same meanspiritedness from a FEer that sadly is all too common. But at least it helps me appreciate bros/sis like VS and MV all the more! ☺️

    Btw, where are all the undoctored pictures from space of a FLAT Earth?
    And you still haven't answered the Q about the water in or above the dome ... Is it flat or curved?
    God bless you, brother. And relax, the Bible says (if you can believe it...the Mandelites say you can't) that God is gonna make a new Heaven and Earth. The old one will burn away, or something like that. Then I guess, when the old rock is burning, the shape of it won't seem as important.
    Speaking of which ...
    If someone tries to prophesy to you that they know the shape of the new earth in advance...?
    Don't believe 'em!
    IT'S A TRAP.....ezoid! ��
    (Lol, see what I did there?��)
    Oh, brother. °~°
  7. mic dhen
    You don't get it: God-the Lord JESUS isn't dependent upon the laws of physics
    he created Himself and He's ABOVE all laws we're subjected to and that's why He could walk upon water!
    So when the flat and round earth with a firmament moves 'upward' He's not feeling it because He's NOT a human being of flesh and blood but GOD!
    He made the firmament big enough so that His feet can rest on it, even though it's round, but not too round.
    Try to convince brother Rob Skiba that the earth is a BALL: Biblical Flat Earth Conference in Amsterdam - Part 2: A Seed War, the Beast and a Strong Delusion
    Yes, JESUS loves us! 😜


    mic dhen
    2 hours ago
    Hans S

    ••How does he smell? 😦

    Okay, Flatsum, I take it back...You've got a GREAT sense of humor!
    (That one about Jesus can't rest His Holy feet on a fast spinning ball is a riot!🤣🤣🤣)
    But seriously 😃 it might be therapeutic. It might be stimulating, and could get kind of tingly on His toes, plus, all the fast-spinning skyscrapers could help scrub the scaly bits off His heels. Followed by a nice foot-soaking in all the saltwater.

    So let me get this picture correctly...
    God/Jesus is sitting on the throne of heaven. (Is this a fluffy throne like on the clouds? Or a hard white porcelain throne? Does it recline? And have pillows? (It IS heaven, you know, so it's gotta have comfy cushions and fluffy pillows!).

    Now, He has his feet up on the Earth for a footstool, right? Are His legs fully stretched out, or are His knees bent?
    In other words, are the soles of His feet flat down on the FlatEarth? Or are His heels on the FlatEarth, with His toesies sticking up?
    They can't be up on the dome, because that would be ... round? And they would slip off, right? Isn't that what you were implying? He can't have His feet on a round footstool, so the Earth MUST be flat?

    So His feet are on the flatstool, which is like an ever-rising (up?) yellow submarine we all live in.
    And we should assume the throne of heaven is rising upward, too, otherwise, only His feet would be going up, up, up and WOAH! WHEE! FLIPSIES!! Can't have that!
    So...All of this PROVES that the Earth MUST be flat, because a round earth footstool for the Creator of the universe would be .....

    Praise the Lord...A merry heart doeth good like a medicine 😃!
    God bless you, brother! Jesus loves you!
  8. mic dhen
    Before I believed in the flat earth truth and before I believed in OSAS
    I was called WORSE THAN SATAN by a 'friendly and kind' OSAS-adherent with a 'good sense of humor'.
    Rob Skiba is SAVED and he's MY brother in Christ JESUS, but your jesus doesn't know this and he dislikes the flat earth REALITY..
    All convinced globe earthers who refuse to investigate GOD's flat earth truth are on the side of the Vatican, the Jesuits and NAZI-NASA and the devil concerning this subject.
    JESUS will show you what a fool you are in this respect, and you mock and scoff those who were drawn to JESUS after they discovered the flat earth truth. 😲


    mic dhen
    mic dhen
    2 hours ago
    Hans S Lol, I get it just fine. I don't know any Rob Skiba or whether he's saved (a brother) or not.
    I DO know that if he believes God is some big giant dude floating around on a puffy throne with His feet propped up on an invisible dome (which may or may not be curved and may or may not contain water which water ALSO may or may not be curved) covering an earth that HAS to be flat because it's God's LITERAL FOOTSTOOL, then,'s time to play 'Spot the Looney'!
  9. Deb Jones JESUS is not dead and the earth is flat so that every eye can see Him when He'll return I subscribed to you! <3JESUS<3


    Deb Jones
    Deb Jones
    8 hours ago
    Mic, I am with you all the way on the MandelaCult. They nearly had me sucked in deep -- UNTIL I started reading the bible for myself and God showed me these verses and instances have always been there!!!!!

    For a long time I trolled them too. EYA (EXTOL YESHUA ALWAYS-- no she does not!!!) is a witch. I was in her secret facebook group for quite sometime and let me say shes a total deceiver on many fronts and aspects of our faith. You right about this brother. To twist and manipulate the words of God the way they do is downright blasphemous.

    However...that I agree with you there, I also believe the earth is a immovable level plane -- flat. Those darn Jesuit / Freemasons sculpted our history to fit their narrative. The narrative there are aliens from outer space, when in fact there are only demons. There will come a time when they use the deception on us that we have been invaded. Remember Ronald Reagans speech about "It will take some outside force for us all to come together....."

    Anyhow, there are many people out there actually PROVING earth is not a ball. Water exposes the global lie (and earth is mostly made of water).
    Let me know if you want me to hook you up with another brother in Christ who helped me understand it.... he does a fantastic presentation. The ball earth was created actually to HIDE GOD .... I know. Crazy...but true. I had a difficult time accepting also. Blessing to you and Miss Renee dear hearts. Much love
  10. mic dhen
    "You, sir, are an idiot" "Flatsy"

    There's NO difference between you and atheists who desperately cling to their beloved JESUIT concocted LIES, concerning this issue.
    You're calling JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh an IDIOT, because He didn't make a satanic spinning ball in 'space' called earth, but a flat and round plane with a firmament.
    You're on the side of the Nazis who founded NASA, because they didn't lose the war, because they went to America, with the aid of the EVIL Vatican, which is the satanic Roman Empire.
    I already knew this before I became a flat earther.
    Wake up 'American', because you live in the most evil country that ever existed!
    Your country financed BOTH Hitler and Stalin on behalf of the POPE and Satan, causing MILLIONS of deaths and even more MILLIONS of traumatized people, like my late MOTHER when Hitler invaded my country.
    You dare to call me arrogant?
    Have you ever looked in the mirror?


    You are a PROUD AMERICAN, and proud Americans are VERY DANGEROUS, because they're MURDERING and MAIMING people all over the world, and all because they're too stupid to see that they're being used by the devil and his JESUITS and the Vatican.
    You may SLAUGHTER me or BURN ME ALIVE me if you can show me just ONE REAL picture of earth from 'space'.
    Yes there are no pictures from above of the flat and round earth and you know why?
    Because God made it IMPOSSIBLE to make such pictures!!!
    The STUPID ROCKETS that all 'aerospace countries' fire into the SKY, based on NAZI-technology can't get HIGH enough to make such pictures.
    You have been fooled by the devil and his Vatican!
    And something else: NUCLEAR WEAPONS DON'T EXIST

    Nuclear danger is a HOAX!!! It is only heat!


  11. mic dhen
    54 minutes ago
    Hans S Oh why don't you shut up and get off your arrogant high horse with your false accusations!
    Ok, well at least I have Deb Jones to add to my list of DECENT FEers, (even tho I disagree w the FE theories) along with who I mentioned before, VS and MV , most ppl here know who I mean. Deb Jones, ty for at least being gracious and understanding some humor....

    But you, Hans?! Your arrogant meanspiritedness has gone too far, and it's really disappointing!

    I was kidding around with my young christian friend, and you stuck your nastiness into it.
    Thanks for the good cheer, Flatsy.
    Calling me a devil or jesuit follower, is the same stinkin low blow I see vomitting out of the mouths of 90+% of FlatEarth peanutbrains like you. I told a joke, so what, big deal, to my young christian friend, who has more intelligence AND good cheer in his little finger than most FEers have in their warped heads.

    And BTW, Don't call my little brother brainwashed, you flatz.
    MAN, you're just another typical vicious flat rat, aren't ya?

    And telling me MY Jesus is somehow inferior to your god who's sitting on a fluffy throne with his feet propped up on an INVISIBLE CURVED DOME with CURVED WATER, overtop a Flat Earth that HAS to be flat because it's his footstool and his feet would fall off, even though NOW you say his feet aren't even on the 'flat earth', they're on the curved dome?!
    You, sir, are an idiot.

    I've seen a few 'somewhat' reasonable, though disputable, theories as to why some ppl might believe in a flat earth. But...
    this scripture-twisting you appeal to, about God's heavenly throne and Earth being His LITERAL footstool is about as doofish as Hinn trying to tell us there are 3 Trinities in the Godhead!
    And YOU're gonna come on HERE and insult a young boy's intelligence?, and his mother as well?
    Some nerve!

    Hans...YOU are the one that said the Earth has to be FLAT because it's God's footstool. THEN you said His feet are actually on the CURVED dome part.
    Do you hear what you're saying?!

    It can't be round because it's His footstool, so it has to be flat, but His feet aren't on the flat earth but the round dome??!! ��

    Hans, I don't know who this Rob Skiba guru is you're following, but it sounds like he's manipulating people and messin' with their heads!
    I hope you get away from that, and just stand on the SOLID ROCK of Jesus Christ.

    (And, NO, that does NOT mean He's LITERALLY made of stone!) ✝️��☺️
  12. mic dhen
    I decide to be GRACEFUL to you.

    It's so EASY to respond FROM THE FLESH, but I'm as DEAD as a DODO, though JESUS raised me from the spiritual death!
    This is not your or my TERRITORY and the ENTIRE internet belongs to Satan and I love to ANNOY him whenever and wherever I can by talking about JESUS as much as I can.
    I did not insult Jim or Renee, and you're NOT their DADDY/HUSBAND!
    Yes, I believe you love JESUS Christ, but if you're truly detached from stupid NATIONALISM and PATRIOTISM and if you truly belong the the KINGDOM OF GOD then you MUST agree with JESUS and ME or your eternity will turn out to be a HELLISH experience, because I'm NOT going to BURN IN HELL FOR YOU to satisfy your GOD-COMPLEX!
    You'll have to KILL me first to 'prove' you're 'right' and I am 'wrong' and then you'll only do me a favor because then I'm with JESUS and then you have proven that your FLESH still loves to DOMINATE your MIND.
    Rob Skiba is NOT my 'guru' and in fact I discovered him later after I had become a flat earther, and I mostly agree with what he says, but not with everything because like so many people with a CHURCH-background, which I DON'T HAVE as a FORMER ATHEIST, he believes in the OCCULT GARBAGE called 'the book of Enoch'.
    Do you know I was kicked out of the 'Biblical Flat Earth community' on Google plus and do you know why?
    Because almost all of them believe in the WRONG GOSPEL and NOT in the gospel of GRACE.
    They almost tried to LYNCH me, so to speak, when I confronted them with their fallacy.
    Christians can be just as EVIL and ROTTEN as 'unbelievers', unless they're DEAD!
    They also don't do GOOD!
    But I'm not afraid to be BLOCKED and to be kicked out of communities of UNTRUSTWORTHY people, because JESUS is my BEST FRIEND!
    This was the video that convinced me the earth is FLAT on October 1, 2016: Scientific EVIDENCE of a Flat Earth
    But in 2013 I was already convinced the earth is NOT spinning and that it's the CENTER of God's creation, and I already knew that the 'manned moon landings' were FAKE and that 'satellites' DON'T EXIST.

    You really don't know how ROTTEN and EVIL the JESUITS are!
    Flat Earth: Exposing the Jesuit Agenda!


    mic dhen
    3 hours ago
    Hans S Yes I call you arrogant! You came on Renees channel after I made a simple friendly joke with her son. You took the fun out of it by immediately going into a serious 'FlatEarth' spiel.
    After a little more sarcastic needling, your nasty nose got snipped and you went for the generalizations and condemnations, all the while making ASININE statements about God LITERALLY sitting with His feet propped up on Earth!
    YOU made the claim that the Earth MUST be flat because it's God's footstool.
    Then you changed THAT scripture twisting, and decided His feet are actually resting on a dome!
    A CURVED dome.
    With water!
    Those are YOUR twisted versions of scripture and strange view of God, imo.
    Yet, when challenged, you skip over your own claims and go on attacking me with false accusations, lumping me in with groups that I neither ascribe to, nor want to.
    You attacked a 10yr old kid, you insulted his Mom, Renee Roland, and you falsely accuse me ... Who WAS calling you brother, saying 'I wasnt here to fight', that 'ok, so I think ppl who believe in FE are nuts, but I still have a few that I consider bro/sis in Christ and love as such', ...

  13. And you continue to falsely accuse me, even of siding with the Vatican and even satan???!!! You lying, false accusing *@#$!

    Ok, boy, you want to be a lowlife, go ahead. You are ANOTHER in a growing list of FEers who turns into a false accusing jackal as soon as you find someone who doesn't believe in your little pet flat earth theory.
    I've come across your type before, I doubt you'll be the last.

    It doesn't matter, the Lord Jesus Christ is my God and Saviour, and there's no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.
    So hurl your lies and false accusations all you want. You do not know me, you do not know what I believe regarding America, OR WW2, OR the RC/Vatican abominations, OR NASA. You simply make generalized, group assumptions and condemnations based on the fact that I think the FlatEarth theory is wrong, and that your silly TWISTING OF SCRIPTURE to try to prove it, is moronic!

    PLUS, you still haven't addressed your own contradictory claims, you skipped right over them to continue your diversionary attack with false accusations against me.
    YOU made the claims, Hans.
    YOU said the Earth had to be flat because it's God's footstool. Then YOU contradicted yourself and said His feet were on some invisible curved dome.
    YOU made those claims following what started as a playful joke with a young christian regarding OnionRings.
    And YOU, Hans, YOU, have yet to plainly address the claims you made, rather, you keep trying to shove your FE theory at others, shilling for others by posting link after link of other ppls channels... And doing it on RENEE'S channel, the same one where you insulted her son AND her! You've got some nerve, Hans! Her channel isnt for spewing nonsense by other flat earth profiteers and possible wolves.
    Her channel is about salvation in Jesus Christ, the gift of God.

    I'm checking your FE guru Skiba, but I'm not touching your links. I'm already suspicious about him...if he is who I think, I suggest you find another about the gospel of grace, not law and flat earth theories.
    Believe in FE if you want, Hans, but not thru scriptorture, and because you follow after a possible false teacher.

    I'm suggesting that for your own sake, just suggesting.
    But if you come back at me with another false accusation and condemnation, you prove you're not interested in brotherhood in Christ, but only promoting your FE theory agenda while avoiding the earlier claims you made about God and scripture.
    Meanwhile, do you think maybe you owe JimJim and Renee both an apology?, which I'm sure they, as I, would be happy to accept and forgive. We ARE christians.


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