woensdag 25 juli 2018

After his fall, Satan concocted the earth as a ball

Catholic 'jesus' with his NAZI BALL

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  1. Googe+YouTube is controlled by the JESUITS and SATAN, so they LIE about EVERYTHING and they're able to manipulate upload dates of videos, the amount of views and comments etc.
    Everybody on YouTube who's revealing the TRUTH is FIGHTING BEHIND ENEMY LINES.


    18 hours ago
    Here is the original video..you decide...

    DITRH4 hours agoThere is something weird about the Buzz interview. It was upload 3 years ago! My first thought was that the dad uploaded it but never published it until yesterday but that cant be because it was featured on that website that has over 120,000 page views. https://theroarbots.com/2015/questions-buzz-aldrin/

    There were only 200 views and no comments until yesterday with the oldest one being 1 hour old then after I asked when was it filmed they turned off comments. The next thing is that Mars shirt. Isn’t that something he wore recently? Also I don't know how different he looked 3 years ago but he sure looked about the same weight and hair style and length as he did recently when standing behind Trump. Need to look at that a little deeper.

    My thought is that they are up to something and YouTube is faking the upload date and that website post. Why is the question. Perhaps its part of their divine requirement to inform us of the truth?

    Also this Zoey girl has heavy ties to Disney and has interviewed another lying Actornot.


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