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Satan is a LIAR!
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    "Satan" doesn't exist any more than your "Jesus" does.
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    And so are you by believing in fairy tales
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    What character in the bible willingly takes credit for mass slaughter including the drowning of many millions of people, bashing babies against rocks, and the rape and enslavement of young virgins? Ya' can't point fingers at Mr. Satan!
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  • Ellif D'Wulfe's profile photo
    Taken from the "blog" that +Hans S links to:

    "But who controls this MONSTER?

    GOD, aka JESUS!!

    God is the hand and Satan is the shadow and God determines where the shadow of the hand may go...

    You'd better be on God's side or you will PERISH!"

    So hes not arguing that Satan is a liar, but more than his God is a like a mafia crime boss running a protection racket

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    +Ellif D'Wulfe You don't get it: whether Satan=adversary likes it or not, he's still a SERVANT, and though God=JESUS doesn't agree with Satan's thoughts and deeds, He's still using him for His purpose.

    And meanwhile you don't see that Satan is using YOU!!!!!!!!
    You're a useful idiot to him.
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  • Ellif D'Wulfe's profile photo
    +Hans S "You don't get it: whether Satan=adversary likes it or not, he's still a SERVANT,"
    I think it's you that doesn't get it, because pointing out your God is like a crime boss running a protection racket hinges on Satan being a servant.

    "and though God=JESUS doesn't agree with Satan's thoughts and deeds,"
    And the crime boss doesn't like the actions of those ruffians and vandals who will smash in shop windows, steal or set fire to your home. But they're serving his purpose because you do what he wants so you suffer an "accident" at their hands.

    "And meanwhile you don't see that Satan is using YOU!!!!!!!!
    You're a useful idiot to him."
    Because it's easier (and lazy) for yo to just argue someone's of satan (despite previously arguing satan is your God's servant and under his control) than actually refute what they say.
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  • David Eriol Hickman's profile photo
    ''Satan'' is a lie.

    fixed for accuracy
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    Let's think about this for a moment.

    God made everything and controls everything by the standards written in the bible.
    God made Satan so therefore controls his actions.
    Your inference is that Satan is a liar.
    So by logical deduction Satan can only be a liar because god makes him lie.

    So therefore god is a liar
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    Satan killed less people than your God in the Bible, you worship the bad guy 😂😂
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  • Hans S's profile photo
    +Joe Gross So God created you as a LIAR?
    Have you ever heard of FREE WILL, atheist?

    Satan=adversary was created as a GOOD ANGEL!

    But he CHOSE to go AGAINST his maker, and fallen angels can only make ONE mistake and then they're LOST forever because JESUS = God didn't shed His BLOOD for fallen angels.

    A sickly jealous morning star http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2013/09/a-sickly-jealous-morning-star.html
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  • Hans S's profile photo
    +S Mackay Satan isn't allowed to kill even ONE human being or else he will BURN IMMEDIATELY FOREVER.

    When God ENDS people's existence in THIS dimension between heaven and hell, it's a JUDGMENT.

    Atheist HATE God because they don't like to be JUDGED by their OWN maker.

    Yet God has already turned them into MORTALS, which is a DEATH SENTENCE!

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    +Hans S their makers are their parents not your genocidal God.
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  • Joe Gross's profile photo
    +Hans S you're reply is incorrect.
    The free will covenant only pertains to humans so it's irrelevant in this.
    Also the timeline stated in the bible has thar happening well after "the fall", so again it's not applicable.

    But the bible plainly states that god is omnipotent and controls all.
    But as you've pointed out, he couldn't control Satan and other angels.

    Which means god isn't omnipotent and all powerful.

    So +Hans S​ what's the truth?
    Is god all powerful and in control of his creation or not?
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  • NYCvictor's profile photo
    "Satan=adversary was created as a GOOD ANGEL!"

    So you're saying "God," claimed to know everything everybody in heaven and earth will do or say, got suckered by one of his creations.
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  • Hans S's profile photo
    +NYCvictor Of course God knows EVERYTHING in ADVANCE, why else do you think the Bible has been written on behalf of Him and why else do we already now how it all will end?

    Just go to the last book of the Bible!
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    +Hans S
    So you admit the supposedly all knowing "God" got punked by 'Satan.'

    What a chump.
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    +NYCvictor that's a salient point.
    If god is the most powerful being, how did Satan go against gods will?

    Did god allow it?
    Did god not know?
    Or is Satan more powerful than god?

    So +Hans S​, which is it?
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  • Hans S's profile photo
    +NYCvictor Of course not, PUNK!
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  • Hans S's profile photo
    +Joe Gross The SIMPLE answer is: God allowed it, because He doesn't want to be served and loved by entities who PRETEND to love Him.
    The consequence is that His FULL WRATH is upon those entities, so this goes for you too.

    God will TORTURE you FOREVER in His SUPERNATURAL lake of fire in which you will be cast with a SUPERNATURAL BODY that can sense PAIN.


    Because ALL people are meant to be LIKE the angels, which are SUPERNATURAL BEINGS with SUPERNATURAL BODIES.

    There's ONLY ONE way to escape this HORRIFIC FATE and that's to surrender to JESUS: God manifested in the flesh/human capacity.

    He was TORTURED and MURDERED in (y)our place so that we could be forgiven and He shed His ATONING BLOOD for us.

    Rejecting this offer of UNDESERVED eternal GRACE is worse than committing SUICIDE.

    The name JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION'.


    Atheists are just as EVIL as SUICIDE BOMBERS!

    But ALL people are EVIL who reject God's offer of GRACE!

    They DESERVE to ROT in HELL!

    They are like DEMONS!

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