donderdag 6 juli 2017

Atheists are just like MUSLIMS and CATHOLICS and they have a motive to LIE

Richard Dawkins the FOOL

Atheists are just like MUSLIMS and CATHOLICS and they have a motive to LIE.
Their motivation is their unwillingness to accept the fact of creation and thus of a creator and that they're NOT in control.
Muslims and Catholics believe in the SAME WRONG 'jesus', but they are unwilling to accept the fact that the real JESUS Christ is the GOD of ISRAEL, and thus higher than their 'Prophet' and their 'Pope' and their 'mary', and He's also a JEW, which they don't like at all.
Their whole BELIEF system will crumble when they accept the truth, because then they must admit that they've always believed in a LIE and not 'infallible truth', according to their FALSE religion and their religious leaders, and then they must also admit that they're LOST and on their way to hell.

The FALSE RELIGION of the atheists is actually based on the input by the JESUITS of the Vatican, who developed THEORIES like evolution, the big bang and heliocentrism and the globe earth fallacy, while the earth is as flat as a pancake.
The false religion of the atheists is making them 'the god of their own reality', so that they don't have to answer to a higher being, and that's why they simply deny His existence.
Of course they also deny the existence of the PERSON who had BLINDED them to the truth: Satan the devil, who is the master of the JESUITS.

The Bible calls such people FOOLS.

Psalm 14:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Atheists are FOOLS.

Trying to convince them of the existence of God is a waste of time.

And I speak from experience as a FORMER ATHEIST.

Only God HIMSELF was able to convince me of His existence!

The best that adherents of the faith in the Biblical creation can do is to make atheists DOUBT their BELIEF SYSTEM.


I'm going to BURN in HELL!




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  1. +nathan mckenzie WRONG!
    Allah is the Babylonian moon god
    and is in fact Satan, and Jews worship the God of Israel, though they don't know yet that He's JESUS, so they're still UNSAVED, and I make a distinction between 'Christians' and JESUS CHRISTIANS (my term) because 'Christians' believe in the WRONG 'jesus' and JESUS CHRISTIANS believe that JESUS is the GOD of ISRAEL, and they are SAVED and BORN AGAIN=ASSURED of ETERNAL SALVATION and HAPPINESS, by the God-given GIFT of GRACE through FAITH in the atoning BLOOD of JESUS Christ.


    nathan mckenzie
    You do realize that Muslims, Jews and Christians all worship the same god

  2. +nathan mckenzie Right: I'm a JESUS CHRISTIAN, and a FORMER GOD-DENIER=ATHEIST!


    Strange Bird (Liszt)'s profile photo
    Strange Bird (Liszt)
    +Hans S And now we have a long winded no true Scotsman fallacy.
    nathan mckenzie's profile photo
    nathan mckenzie
    +Strange Bird And a self contrived one at that. Its not a general "no true Christian" he developed his own type of Christian.
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    +Strange Bird You mean to say 'I'm talking out of my neck'.


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