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It's all about JESUS, people!

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      +Hans S we have all come to know you as an ignorant religious numbnut that spews his lies and false claims and historic bs. Yet you keep up these blatant lies. This is what the religious mind does.
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    +Bjarne Søegaard The nutjob says 'there is nog God'
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    +Hans S I say there are no evidence of a god. There has never been nor is there today any evidence of a god.
    I can also with peace of mind say, that should there be a god then the god of the bible is certainly not it, because he is as ignorant as the bronze age man that invented him.
    So I do not believe in a god of any kind because there is no evidence for it at all. There is on the other hand, plenty of evidence of people inventing gods and holy men to explain things and to give them some purpose.
    People need there to be purpose in life, and it is actually possible to give purpose without a god.
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    +Bjarne Søegaard Living without God is like existing without a BRAIN and a HEART and SOUL!

    How Satan turned America into THE EVIL EMPIRE on behalf of the VATICAN and the POPE
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    +Bjarne Søegaard There is plenty of evidence of a Creator. You are evidence. These machines NEVER just evolve from nothing, to complex. It is just stupid to even think up such BS
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    +Robert Ketterman No you are not evidence of a creator but of evolution by natural selection.
    I understand that for a literal mind, a little childlike, it is the easiest answer, but also the wrong answer that explains absolutely nothing.
    There are so much evidence for evolution that it is the most plausible explanation.
    You have an indoctrinated belief that takes over your logical senses and prohibit you from seing. You have never and will not read a book on evolution because you know deep down that it may have some clear points that may shake your beliefs.
    Don't be afraid to study it. Study and learn.
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    +Bjarne Søegaard So, you would have us believe that the universe came into existence many billions of years ago, from nothing? And before that nothing existed, not even time? Then life began to evolve, from nothing. You sure have a lot of faith in nothing! Now get the hell out of here.
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    +Robert Ketterman I'm an ex-atheist, so I know his way of thinking.
    I really didn't believe in the existence of God, and JESUS was at most a historical figure and a 'loser', because 'of course' I didn't believe He walked on water and rose from the dead, because my former FAITH was 'evolution', the 'Big Bang', ''space exploration' and the BELIEF in 'extraterrestrial life', and I even BELIEVED in reincarnation for a short while, and i BELIEVED in UFO's, though I had never seen such a thing, but that was after I had ceased to be an atheist and got involved in the occult, because I was already convinced that 'evolution' never happened the way they had taught me at school, BEFORE I became a believer in JESUS, but my 'god' was 'me, myself and I' (and that's SATAN), and I still refused to believe in the BIBLICAL God-the Lord JESUS, so a miracle had to happen, and here you can check this out:
    And of course Bjarne Søegaard won't get 'the hell' out of here.

    Atheist have only CONTEMPT for Christians.

    If I were an atheist I would be confirmed in my opinion that Christians are psychopaths, and that's exactly what many atheists think of me, since I'm a believer in God-the Lord JESUS, creation, the Bible.

    My late dad was an atheist and when he found out that I had become a believer in God-the Lord JESUS, the Bible-creation he thought I had TOTALLY become INSANE!

    I'm not complaining, but being an ex-atheist like me and with my weird background can sometimes be very lonesome, because most born again believers in JESUS have a Christian-religious background and though they try, they really don't understand me, and some of them just can't believe I'm a fellow saved and born again believer in JESUS.

    So, +Bjarne Søegaard In the past I would have TOTALLY agreed with you.

    But not anymore!


    PS: I'm DUTCH.

    I don't agree with everything he teaches, but to me, Robert Breaker is one of the BEST (after the Apostle Paul, and JESUS is the VERY BEST, of course)

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  1. +Sheree White Amen, sister, we all deserve hell!

    Great article by a sister in JESUS: 3 Countercultural Ways Jesus Dealt With Satanic Activity

    Love in JESUS from Hans!


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