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We're LOST without JESUS Christ!

This is me, when I was 6 years old, in July 1966.
Back then my faith in JESUS had already faded away, due to various causes, and I was about to attend a public elementary school, but when I went to a Protestant kindergarten, and only for one school season, due to a charming teacher who could read so well aloud from the children's Bible, I really believed in Him, and what had been sown during that time would eventually grow into real faith, accompanied by Bible knowledge, from when I finally surrendered to JESUS when I had just become 24, in January 1984.

We are all LOST without our creator and Savior JESUS Christ:

" LOST "

LOST.  To a three-year-old, being lost is not being able to see mother---even though she is in the next aisle at the grocery store.

LOST.  To the ten-year-old, being lost is getting into the woods and not knowing the way out.

LOST.  To the traveler, being lost is making a wrong turn somewhere so that he will never reach his destination unless he gets help.

LOST.  Scramble all these pictures and we see ourselves.  ALL mankind is lost. We are in the woods and cannot find the way out. But we notice that the signs and sights on the road we are traveling are not the ones we want. The choices we made previously are not bringing us to our goal.

Simply stated, we can't find out FATHER;  we don't know the way home.   And the solutions are always the same:

1.  Recognize that we are lost.
2.  Check the compass or road map.
3.  Listen for Father's call.
4.  Ask advice.
5.  Call for help.

The three-year-old finds her mother by calling for her or hearing her
The ten-year-old can find his way home if he has a compass or can see the sun.
The traveler checks his map or asks advice--but only after he realizes that he is lost.

Sad to say, most people today do not know that they are lost. They go
merrily on their way to destruction. But the Bible says,  " ALL we like
sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way. "
Isaiah 53:6

Yes, we have gone astray, but the Good News is that the LORD is
" not willing that any should perish. " 2nd Peter 3:9  And so, as a
loving Father, GOD is calling you.  Right now reading this post is
HIS call to YOU.

How can you find your way back ? The Bible is the compass and
road map that points the way to life.  Asking advice from other
Christians is also a wise thing to do.

In brief, the Bible tells us that we rebelled against GOD and separated
ourselves from HIM. All our efforts of good works and religious rites
cannot save us. So GOD sent HIS only SON, JESUS CHRIST, to become man. ( And so HE is called the SON of MAN )  HE died for us
to pay for our sins. Faith in JESUS CHRIST brings us back to GOD.
" For the SON of MAN is come to seek and to save that which was
  lost. "   Luke 19:10

In Matthew 18 and Luke 15 we read the beautiful story of how JESUS, the GOOD SHEPHERD, looks for one lost sheep.  You are that lost sheep.  When you come to JESUS, HE rejoices and says to others,
" Rejoice with me; for I have found MY sheep which was lost. "
" I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth. "   Luke 15:6,7

You are very valuable in GOD's sight.  In fact, HE gave HIS life for HIS
lost sheep even while they were HIS enemies.  HE does not want any
of them to be lost !!!  Come to HIM today !

If you have any questions about how to become a child of GOD, forgiven and cleansed of your sins,  just write me as soon as possible.
" For today is the day of salvation. "   You may not have another tomorrow.  Please don't wait !!!
Your servant in CHRIST,


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1 Corinthians 15:1-4


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