donderdag 2 juni 2016

Ex-Witch: How Tattoos Relate to Occultic Blood Rituals

As old-school theologians and hipster believers debate the biblical commands not to tattoo the body, a deeper truth lurks.
Ex-witch Beth, who herself has a handful of tattoos, says one cannot ignore the similarities to occult blood rituals.

 "A blood ritual is a satanic ritual that is done as a covenant or pact. There are at least two people involved in this type of ritual. The person who is shedding their own blood, and the person who is invoking a demon and its power," Beth writes on her blog, The Other Side of Darkness.

"The person who is shedding their blood is the recipient in this transaction. They are giving their blood (life) in order to receive some sort of benefit, such as life, prosperity, fame, fortune or power. The cuts are now an open doorway for the entrance of evil spirits (demons) (that) you have granted permission. By agreeing to and participating in the shedding of your blood, you have (given) the devil a right to you. Often people who participate in a blood ritual also give over rights to future generations," she continues. 


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    1. Siennia J2 days ago
      How is your husband? Did he give his life to Christ as well?
      The Other Side of Darkness
      The Other Side of Darkness18 hours ago
      Hans S
      Hans S19 minutes ago
      Hi Sister! You are beautiful, because you are my SISTER in JESUS! Here's my testimony: JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you?
      Hans S
      Hans S11 minutes ago
      You said you were baptized. I have been baptized too in the beginning of my walk with JESUS. But you know what? We don't have to be baptized:
      Hans S
      Hans S2 minutes ago
      22:38 Amen!


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