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RAPED by her OWN dad - Julie Miller testimony - But thank God she dared to trust the MAN JESUS!

Julie Miller testimony

Uploaded on Jan 22, 2012
Julie Miller's testimony where she talks about her incredible journey from the pain of an abused childhood to faith in God. Clips from her music video for "How Could You Say No."

Julie Miller - How Could You Say No 



Julie Miller - How Could You Say No (Lyric Video) 



Julie Miller - Broken Things



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  1. +John Tuck This dad has been a child too: what happened to him when he was young and what kind of example did he get from his father and mother? Or maybe he has been sexually molested himself by someone outside of his family. One thing is certain: there's an enemy who wants to destroy what God-the Lord JESUS had intended to be good and pure: our human sexuality, meant for marriage between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation and for love between the two spouses. But you're absolutely right: doing such a thing to your own daughter is unimaginable and I'm glad you're NORMAL.


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